injection machine

The mold counter, which is mounted on the mold, keeps a record of the use of the mold after it is removed from the injection molding machine.

As the production process varies, different molds will need to be replaced and placed on the same injection molding machine.
As a result, the counter on the machine will need to be reset to zero in order to record the number of molds produced in the batch.

Let's take a practical example
If a cell phone case manufacturer develops a mold for a cell phone case and commissions the mold to a plastic injection molding plant for injection molding.
If the contract states that 100,000 pieces are to be produced, but the injection mold maker produces 150,000 pieces without authorization.After delivering 100,000 pieces, they sold the other 50,000 pieces to other customers.

If there is a BALLSUM mold counter on the mold designed by the phone case manufacturer.
The actual number of pieces produced will be recorded on the counter when the mold is taken back.
In this way, we can avoid any damage to our rights and interests, and we can also find out whether the plastic injection molding company has violated the contract.